G-spot in men: what is it and why to look for it?

The discovery of the female G-spot caused a real sensation once, although there is still no certainty that it exists. At the same time, only a few know about a similar men's belt, but every man definitely has one, and it is much easier to find it. All you need is good lubrication and gentle fingers. And of course, absolute trust, because not every girl will have access to the most intimate ones.

During intimacy, a girl can stimulate her man's G-spot

Where is the G spot in men?

Unlike women, who have to search for a mystery zone literally at random, men don't have to guess about its location. The "G" spot in men, behind which the well-known prostate hides, is located on the front wall of the rectum, about 5 centimeters above the anus. To the touch it resembles a tubercle the size of a walnut or chestnut, and at the moment of excitement it swells.

To find a man's G-spot, it is not necessary to examine the anus. You can also affect the sensitive area from the outside. It is located between the anus and the base of the penis, approximately in the middle of the perineum (there is usually no hair in this area). For some guys, the erogenous zone may shift slightly to the left or right. To find it, you can ask your wife or girlfriend to stroke the perineal area with their tongue. Externally, the prostate can be felt as a tonsillar seal.

Finding a man's G-spot is impossible without trusting his partner

Do all men like to caress their G-spot?

Sensations from prostate stimulation can be very different. Some guys experience incredible pleasure (literally - to tears), for others it helps to maintain arousal, for others the pressure on the G-spot seems unpleasant and even painful. But it's definitely worth trying so you don't deprive your man of a special experience. The main thing is to act carefully and slowly, without sudden movements or use of force.

A good way to test your response to stimulation of the area is to examine it during masturbation:

  1. By applying pressure to the area between the scrotum and the anus just before ejaculation, the release can be delayed.
  2. The impact in the process forces more blood into the penis, making its pulses stronger and more pleasurable.
  3. The intense rhythmic pressure mimics the contraction process of the prostate, increasing the intensity of the final phase of orgasm.
  4. For greater pleasure, it is recommended to stroke the G-spot at the moment of reaching the maximum erection, as soon as the body of the penis expands to its full length. If the sensations are unpleasant or unnoticed, you should wait a little. If at the time of full arousal there is still no reaction, perhaps this area in a particular man is not considered erogenous. In this case, it is better to focus on stroking the scrotum and penis, or return to exploring the area later.
The partner will give maximum pleasure to the man by stimulating the G-spot

How to properly stimulate a man's G-spot?

If there is embarrassment or uncertainty in the partner, the first experiment may be unsuccessful. But it is likely that further research will bring more pleasure if the man can actually be freed. Help in such games will be special devices (finger attachments, vibrating balls, small vibrator), which are presented in a wide variety in adult stores. You can stroke the g-spot in at least two ways:

  1. From the inside. The finger or toy should be well lubricated and then inserted into the anus 5 cm or more. You should move in the direction of the pubic cavity. You can find the tender "g" spot next to the tubercle on the rectal wall. And then you need to carefully massage it, observing the reaction of the man.
  2. Outside. Here you can perform stimulation in two ways - oral or manual. A man will be happy to touch the G-spot with the tip of his tongue, which can alternate with passionate kisses. When stroking with your hands, a gentle water-based lubricant will help improve gliding and give your partner more pleasure. You need to massage the area with the pad of your finger, making circular movements and light pressure.

At the moment of orgasm, the G-spot will pulsate. To enhance the pleasure, you need to influence it in time with the contractions. Followers of Eastern teachings claim that in this way you can delay ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse. From this point of view, the male G zone has been called the "million dollar spot" and sexologists have developed special techniques to delay ejaculation. Such exercises will be useful for sexual dysfunction.

Is stroking the G spot beneficial for a man?

In fact, the stimulation of the zone can be compared to a light prostate massage. Only the latter is done in a medical institution and does not always bring pleasant sensations, associating men with negativity and embarrassment. Stroking the erogenous G-spot in a romantic setting is a completely different matter: both the atmosphere and the presence of a loved one favor pleasure. This is a good opportunity to strengthen relationships and bring more intimate tones to them.

In terms of health benefits, regular caress of the prostate will be a good prevention of diseases of the male organ. But only on the condition that at this time there are no pathologies on this side and the massage itself is carried out gently, without unnecessary pressure. If G-spot stimulation causes pain or discomfort, it is best to consult a doctor.

It is not recommended to affect the prostate area if a man has chronic and acute diseases of the reproductive system: urethritis, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia or tuberculosis, disorders of the urinary system, hemorrhoids, fissures in the anus, etc. If in doubt, it is optimal to use light oral stimulation, excluding anal and manual G-spot massage.